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Maine winter panel structurewall Panels™

Structurewall™, manufactured by Winter Panel Corporation, is a structural-grade stresskin panel for use in panelized home construction. The panel provides more than two times the strength of a standard 2x4 wall system. It achieves this remarkable strength through its laminated construction, with two skins of 7/16" oriented strand board surrounding a core of high-density isocyanurate insulation.

Structurewall™ is manufactured in a continuous lamination process in which the foam directly bonds to the skins, providing the highest strength bond possible. The high-density isocyanurate insulation (an advanced formulation of urethane) provides very high insulation levels (R-25 for the 4-9/16" thick panel) and excellent fire safety characteristics. Structurewall™ panels insulate as well as 9" of fiberglass or 6" of 1-lb. density expanded polystyrene (EPS), yet at an overall thickness of only 5" for the entire wall system.

Winter Insulated Panels in Maine Structurewall™ panels provide an alternative to conventional studwall and rafter framing systems in residential and light commercial buildings, offering superior strength, thermal performance, and ease of installation. Four-foot wide panels, joined by inset "splines," produce an extremely strong wall or roof system. Upper floor walls are stabilized by truss-joist floor deck systems. Roof loads are carried by ridge and purlin laminated beams and the intersecting wall plate or floor platform. 2x4 splines are typically used for sill, floor deck attachment, and corner intersections. Dual 5/8" x 3" splines are recommended for panel joints in roofs and walls.

Structurewall™ panels may also be used for enclosing timber-frame houses where extra strength, greater spans between framing members, or a cabinet base is required. These panels are frequently used in kitchens and bathrooms, while Curtainwall panels (with drywall on the interior) are used in enclosing the rest of the timber frame.


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