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Maine Winter Panel

Insulspan Authorized Dealer

Winter Panel Corp. is a pioneer in the manufacturing technology and field application of Structurewall Panels. Our leadership in the industry has resulted in licensing and agreements with manufacturing facilities operating in Asia and South America. We also provide complete engineered structural shell packages utilizing structural stress skin panels and engineered wood products. Our products are delivered throughout the United States and in eleven countries around the world.

Your Maine home can be built with today's Structurewall Panels™, offers continuous insulation with no wall cavities, a system combining the best in energy-saving technology with complete architectural freedom in design.

We realized that Structurewall Panels™ could stand alone as complete houses, offering the advantages of panel insulation construction, without the cost of the timber frame. [The company developed the continuous laminating process, which has put us at the forefront of the industry. Computerized design gave us the freedom to create curved panels for roofs, easier manipulation of space within the house, and the ability to design according to a client's wishes and yet use just one standard building technology. 


  • Siding Installation
  • Siding Repair
  • Residential Siding
  • Gutter Installation
  • Gutter Repair
  • Drain Spouts



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