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Basement Remodeling Challenges and Essentials

Maine basement remodeling The country has long since been stricken with the long-running housing crunch meaning life here entails having to make-do with smaller living units, unless you can afford one at some high-end neighborhood or condo. Thus, a common issue that is widely shared by families and homeowners is the need for more space. Instead of going through all the inconveniences and costs of having a home addition, which more often than not is not a viable option, the best way to go about creating more square footage is through maximizing space through basement remodeling. Here are the challenges and essentials that you need to know to ensure basement remodeling success whether you are in Staten Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Long Island, or Queens.

Basement Remodeling Challenges

This home improvement is not an average renovation job that can easily be undertaken efficiently by somebody without the knowledge, skills and experience. Since the area has not originally been constructed to serve as a living area, there are challenges that you should expect to face in your basement remodeling project. When unfinished, here are areas that should be addressed:

Visible ductworks 
Unsightly support columns 
Insufficient ventilation 
Lack of cooling and heating 
Inadequate lighting 
HVAC systems and other stored equipments

Basement Remodeling Essentials

To efficiently address the given challenges above and complete the project successfully, homeowners should ensure the following project essentials:

  • Waterproofing

To make whatever finish you want to create out of the area last in the longest possible time, waterproofing is a crucial step in the project. Basements are generally prone to moisture and leaks and to make these suitable to become an extension of the family's living area, enough and proper waterproofing should be implemented. Depending on the type and extent of water or moisture problems that the place is experiencing, there are various methods. Some of the most common concerns include condensation, growth of molds and mildew, damaged drywall, plumbing leaks, structural cracks and flooding.

  • Basement Remodeling Plan

As they like to say, failing to plan is planning to fail. This old adage rings true in home improvement in general, especially with basement remodeling. As was said, this type of renovation project is not your average thus it should be done with careful planning to avoid wasting time, effort, resources and money. In your basement remodeling plan, you should: establish a realistic plan, know how you want the new to be used according to family needs, and how your desires can be implemented without busting the budget.

  • Basement Remodeling Contractor

A qualified basement remodeling contractor can take you miles ahead in realizing the renovation finish of your dreams. The years of experience, skills and knowledge that he has obtained throughout these years and under training, and connection to a network of other professionals in the trade gives working with a contractor the most time-efficient way to give the best value for your remodeling dollars. Though you would have to spend initially, working with a qualified contractor will save you from the backbreaking work, waiting longer, as well as the costly risks of any mistake.


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