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How to Create a More Organized Space with Your Kitchen Remodel

Maine Kitchen Remodel Whether your kitchen is small or large, chances are you could use some help with organization. Kitchens rarely have enough space for all that they're used for, and a new appliance or set of pots and pans can force you to reorganize the entire space. Between food, dishes, and appliances, there isn't much room to breathe, much less grown!

So what can you do to keep your kitchen organized? A kitchen remodel might be just what you need. The professional Maine home remodeling contractors at Faulkner Building Company can help you with some creative design ideas that can fully utilize all of your kitchen's space.

Here are a few ideas that you can incorporate into your design, and if you have the remodel done, we can work with you to develop more.

Lazy Susans

Lazy Susans are a great way to maximize your kitchen's space.

We can install a lazy Susan into your cabinet with multiple levels. You'll at least double the amount of storage space in the cabinet by being able to utilize the back and sides of it. The 360° design allows you to access all of the space available in your cabinet.

This is a popular choice for corner cabinets, where space is frequently sparse. Lazy Susans are great for pots and pans, which can be very difficult to keep organized.

Upright Storage

One of the benefits of having your Maine kitchen remodel designed specifically for you is that we can build it based on your specific needs. A popular cabinet variation is an upright storage space. They're perfect for sheet pans and baking pans, or even cutting boards. These items are often forced to take up more space than necessary because they have to be laid out flat. But a thinner, taller cabinet area designed specifically for these items can help you keep your kitchen much more organized.

Store them upright, and you'll save a ton of space--plus, you won't have to un-stack several other pots and pans to get to them!

Pot and Pan Lid Storage

One of the most difficult parts of kitchen organization is finding a good place for pot and pan lids. The pots and pans are typically stacked, so their lids wind up in a little pile off to the side. So what can you do?

Our Maine kitchen remodeling professionals can help solve this problem with some creative design. Underneath the shelf you'll store your pots and pans on, we'll install a small roll-out drawer. So your lids can always be right beneath your pots and pans. This will free up storage space and make everything much more organized.

One More Shelf

The shelves inside your cabinets can often get cluttered. Saucers wind up on top of plates, and bowls on top of saucers. You're stacking to save space, but now every time you need a plate it's a three-minute ordeal.

Plates can be stored on shelves with much less head-room than you need for bowls or glasses, so our Maine kitchen remodel specialists can install a shelf just a few inches below your middle shelf. Here, you can keep plates and saucers for easy access.


If you're looking for a remodeling contractor in Maine, call Faulkner Building Company at 207-205-1537 or complete our online request form.