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Types of Replacement Windows

Maine replacement windows Replacement Windows in Maine- one of the important elements of the house. They provide the necessary lighting and transparency, allow to enjoy the stunning views of the surrounding nature. The size of the replacement windows are crucial to creating a comfortable feeling.

The size of windows

Too small windows make the room dark and comfortless. Too large windows are sometimes forced to feel like in an aquarium.
It is therefore important at an early stage exactly to plan the size, type and location of windows

According to construction rules, the minimum amount of light enters the room, if the area of all glass surfaces in the amount of 10-12,5% of the total surface area of the premises.

The window frame and the leaf

Window frame - this is part of the window element, which is rigidly connected to the masonry.

Casement - movable component window. Depending on the type of fitting window can be opened like a door or recline the rotation around the vertical or horizontal axis, and can be opened in different directions.

Outside the window shutters is a tide, which prevents the penetration of water between the leaf and the frame.

If the windows are too large, the open fittings and the construction of the frame will undergo excessive strain from the weight of double-glazed windows.

Folding box mostly open or recline the turn. Pay attention to the correct proportions of the two leaves. The recommended ratio of 3:5 width leaves. This proportion corresponds to the golden mean - the ratio of the values inherent in the fine arts, is perceived by most people as the most successful and proportionate.


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