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Sometimes It's The Small Things That Count In Your Bathroom Remodeling

Maine Bathroom Remodeling Anytime you do a remodeling project, it can often be the little details that make the most impact. It's not always about changing out the bath tub or getting a brand new shower or commode. Sometimes it's about doing the little things that can make more of a difference in how well you enjoy your space.

Often times when a homeowner is trying to adhere to a budget, it can be hard to decide just what to replace in the bathroom and what not to. If you're on a smaller budget that means you have to make choices between things, take a look at the small things that you can do to make a big impact so you can get the most from your buck.

First off, you'll want to do as little as possible when it comes to changing the floor plan because moving or installing plumbing is one of the more expensive types of bathroom remodeling. Keeping the tub, commode, and sink in the same location means you're not going to relocate plumbing or electrical work.

Other than ensuring the caulk job still looks good around your bathtub and other such problems are taken care of, you'll want to start with the walls and ceiling which is where you can get the best bang for the littlest cost of the whole remodel. Walls can speak volumes to create luxury in bathrooms on a smaller remodeling budget.

From texture to wallpaper to types of wallboard that mimic other looks to mirrors, luxurious curtain fabric, photographs, to towel hardware, your walls can be designed to look high end with the right colors and textures. A good designer can always give you solutions that work for your bathroom walls that are cost effective and bring bold design elements into your space.

Your ceiling doesn't have to stay that same color either. Whether you have popcorn acoustics or not, color can be added to bring sophistication to the area. A color that goes great with the walls adds another depth to the room that isn't ordinary in homes. You'll have a look that's right for the area, giving it that extra touch look that's very affordable.

Choosing the right hardware and faucets for the existing sink and commode area can make a big difference for you after you've planned out your wall designs. There are so many options in hardware, it's almost insane, but whatever your style choices, be sure your hardware is durable and quality made.

You may not want the highest end products on the market, but you do want to be sure they last and work great for you a long time because they'll be used day in and day out. This isn't an area you want to be thrifty in, but being smart about the choices is always a good idea. Middle ground for a smaller budget is best.

Once you have your walls and hardware, consider if the lighting meets your needs. This is another area where changing out the mirror and overhead lighting can make a huge impact but only cost a few hundred dollars to have done. Additional lighting after changing the fixtures can also be added where there are dark spaced (like inside the shower).

And for the rest of the design, you can just change out your current towels, shower curtain (if any), bath rugs, and other decorative elements that cost little to get brand new. How about adding a cool stuffed ottoman or a little stool or bench to sit on when you want to sit for a moment? Do something fun for yourself this year, make your bathroom into a more comfortable space that you love


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