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Tips On Roof Leaks & Roof Inspections

Maine roofing options Roof leaks are a problem for your home. Leaks can cause significant damage to your home including wet insulation, a weak roof decking, warped and rotting wood, mildew growth, damaged drywall, and destroyed furnishings. Water can flow and drip in even the tiniest of nail holes, so even if a few nail-heads are exposed on your roof shingles, water can get in there and cause mold.

If you take a look at an architectural house plan, you'll see how important the roof structure is. It not only provides protection from the elements, it provides structural support and stability as well. When you see signs that your roof is damaged, it's best to call an expert roofing company right away. Delaying repairs can compound the problems. A weak roof structure is dangerous, especially when snow falls heavily. Some signs your roof may need repair would be:

  • Loose or missing shingles
  • Sagging
  • Leaks
  • Mold
  • Cracking shingles
  • Discolorations
  • Soft spots
  • Bubbles

How Often Should Roof Inspections Be Done?

Roofs should be inspected about once a year as a regular maintenance item for the home. The roof of your home is likely one of the most expensive and important parts of your home. It protects all the more vulnerable materials underneath. Just like your automobile or HVAC system, parts of your roof will need to be repaired or replaced on occasion in order for it to continue to do its job.

While you can always examine your roof yourself, you don't have the same knowledge as a professional. If you miss one little leak, it can cause major damage, so it's important that a professional do the roof inspection. There are many things a professional can see that ordinary people cannot, and this is because they are trained and experienced to spot problems.

Professionals also have the tools to spot moisture in the home that cannot be normally detected. There are places even a pro can't fit in between in order to do an inspection by sight alone, and because of this technology has advanced where infrared cameras are used to spot moisture problems.

A professional roofing inspector or storm damage assessor can will use special tools to scan the ceilings and walls for any sign of moisture that will show a bad area of the roof.

Where To Get A Roof Inspection Or Roof Repairs

Faulkner Building Company, your Maine home remodeling specialist, inspects and repairs roofs. We are fully licensed and insured professional roofing contractors. We have earned a good reputation in the areas we service over the last 7 years.If you believe you have a roof leak or your roof hasn't been inspected this year, call us to schedule a roof inspection. If you know you need roof repairs, we are also available to help you. We will provide you with an honest estimate that's competitively priced.


If you have questions or need a professional roof inspection in Maine then please call us today at 207-205-1537 or complete our online request form.