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Maine Remodeling Contractor Testimonials

"Working with Faulkner Building Co. on my metal roof project was a very positive experience. Product options and the scope of work proposed left me with the feeling of being an informed consumer. The quality of the workmanship and materials used was impressive and the job was completed in a timely manner. I was treated fairly and would recommend Faulkner Building to anyone needing a top-notch residential contractor."

| Rated: 5 / 5

"I highly recommend Derek and his team at Faulkner Building Company for all your building needs. I have found their work to be done on time with excellent workmanship and at a fair price. Prior to meeting Derek I usually quoted several contractors before selecting a builder, now I just call Derek tell him what I need done."

| Rated: 5 / 5

"There are many ways to evaluate a builder – skill, experience, diligence, dependability, professionalism, and more – but the most important criterion is trust. Faulkner Building Company is a contractor that I know I can trust.
My first experience with Faulkner Building Company was a referral from another contractor in the Fall of 2008. I needed someone to do a difficult and dangerous carpentry job high on our steep rooftop. Faulkner Building Company showed up Monday morning, as promised, on time and with all the equipment and materials needed for the job. They finished the job the same day, completing their worksite cleanup just as the sun went down.
When we had a leak on one of our home’s flat roofs following the 2009 ice storm, I called Faulkner Building Company without hesitation. I knew from past experience that I could trust them to get the job done. Derek Faulkner arrived that same afternoon to investigate. He correctly diagnosed the source of the leak and shoveled snow and ice off the area to prevent further water damage. The next workday, Faulkner Building Company was on the job at 8 a.m. They kept us fully advised during the day and sent me digital photographs that evening by email that showed me the problem and what they had done to deal with it. Because the problem was caused by the shoddy work of a prior roofer, I asked Faulkner Building Company to inspect and correct the other three flat roofs at our house to prevent similar leaks in the future. In the course of this work, Faulkner Building Company carefully evaluated each flat roof and adjacent sloped roofs and addressed the unique circumstances of each job. They carefully tied in the flat roof membrane with the adjacent sloped roofs to prevent leaking from future ice dams.
Faulkner Building Company also fixed a problem at our house that had stumped everyone else. We had several leaks in our basement level garage that seemed to come from the porch above, but no one had been able to fix them. Faulkner Building Company located the leaks using a garden hose and eliminated them one by one. In the course of that work, they also recommended an economical change in the baseboard trim that improved the weatherization and overall appearance of the porch and deck.
I trust Faulkner Building Company with my home in Cape Elizabeth because my experience has shown me that they take professional pride in their work. Expect competence and craftsmanship, delivered efficiently, on time, and at a reasonable price. That’s what you will get from Faulkner Building Company."

| Rated: 5 / 5



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